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Weird Japanese Commercials Compilation Weird Japanese Commercials Compilation - 243 views
Most Asian adverts don't make a whole lot of sense but they're sure to make you watch until the very end precisely because of that WTF factor. So there's something to be said for incomprehensibility.
Jan 30 | 243 Hits | Funny Videos
Bumble Bee Gives a High Five Bumble Bee Gives a High Five - 277 views
Bee Gives a High Five....well, I thought it was pretty cool. Ok I'd had a beer, or two.
Dec 25 | 277 Hits | Funny Videos
What Happened To This Backup Dancer Is Horrible, But How Eve... What Happened To This Backup Dancer Is Horrible, But How Eve... - 5 views
When it comes to show business, we've all heard people say that "the show must go on." If performers are a little under the weather, they usually have to suck it up, take the stage, and put on a show that the audience will never forget.
Dec 10 | 5 Hits | Funny Videos
Bachelor Party Bungee Jump Prank Bachelor Party Bungee Jump Prank - 900 views
Just like many others, this groom's bachelor party involved him being blindfolded and coaxed into doing something wild like bungee jumping....
Dec 10 | 900 Hits | Funny Videos
This Sexy Girl Knows How To Work Out This Sexy Girl Knows How To Work Out - 162 views
An intense workout session that will get you all hot and sweaty just watching it.
Nov 28 | 162 Hits | Funny Videos
QVC's Curvaceous Model Steals The Show QVC's Curvaceous Model Steals The Show - 207 views
What an interesting product...
Nov 28 | 207 Hits | Funny Videos
Dirty Dancing Moves with a Gator Dirty Dancing Moves with a Gator - 187 views
An alligator whisperer casually plucks a gator out of the water and lifts it above his head - in a scene reminiscent of Dirty Dancing. Tour guide Lance Lacrosse, 29, was recorded performing the stunt in a swamp in Louisiana.
Nov 22 | 187 Hits | Funny Videos
Zoolander 2 Trailer (2016) Zoolander 2 Trailer (2016) - 200 views
Derek and Hansel are modelling again when an opposing company attempts to take them out from the business.
Nov 22 | 200 Hits | Funny Videos
Typhoon Jet Skims People's Heads Typhoon Jet Skims People's Heads - 300 views
Theres low and then there is LOW - OMFG. In situations like this you really have to trust the pilots and the complete faith that they know what theyre doing. The landing was fine but on the ground there was a mad rush for the toilet.
Jun 26 | 300 Hits | Funny Videos
How to Eat a Live Octopus How to Eat a Live Octopus - 1629 views
In South Korea, if you're after a tasty seafood snack you may well end up chowing down on a live octopus. Sure, it's a somewhat awkward creature to eat, we all know that from watching old Boy, but it's all about rising to the challenge.
Mar 18 | 1629 Hits | Funny Videos
Talking Car Alarm Prank Talking Car Alarm Prank - 2490 views
Watch what happens when Greg talks to strangers through the voice of a fancy talking car alarm...
Oct 20 | 2490 Hits | Funny Videos
Road Construction Teamwork Road Construction Teamwork - 963 views
This Ukrainian construction team is gonna work together to get this cleaned up... some time in the future.
Oct 20 | 963 Hits | Funny Videos
Jimmy Kimmel owns Melissa Joan Hart Jimmy Kimmel owns Melissa Joan Hart - 1528 views
Jimmy Kimmel makes a joke that Melissa doesn't like all that much.
Oct 20 | 1528 Hits | Funny Videos
Perfect Girlfriend Perfect Girlfriend - 1279 views
When a nice day at the beach is ruined by her complaining, just deflate her!
Oct 2 | 1279 Hits | Funny Videos
Funniest Fail Compilation Funniest Fail Compilation - 1522 views
A sample of failed moments from May 2011.
Oct 2 | 1522 Hits | Funny Videos
Cute Kitten Eating Watermelon Cute Kitten Eating Watermelon - 563 views
Nom Nom NOm So super cute.
Aug 31 | 563 Hits | Funny Videos
Dolphins Blowing Rings Dolphins Blowing Rings - 462 views
Dolphins are amazing animals, watch as they blow their own bubble rings. Maybe if we spent our life in water, we could do some cool tricks too.
Aug 10 | 462 Hits | Funny Videos
Miniture Truck is Kickass Miniture Truck is Kickass - 492 views
Looks like an over sized remote control truck, but look, there is a guy inside driving it! I want one of these kickass trucks.
Aug 9 | 492 Hits | Funny Videos
Cute Pussy Cat Cute Pussy Cat - 467 views
You probably guessed why I added this video. Yes, just so i could say "pussy" cat. How adorable is this little kitty.
Aug 3 | 467 Hits | Funny Videos
Penn Station Subway Dancers Penn Station Subway Dancers - 466 views
Muscular Penn Station dancers have some wild moves. It must pay off going to jail, as one guy suggests in the video.
Aug 2 | 466 Hits | Funny Videos
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